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Providing The True OLYMPIC Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to do something great, but never thought it was even possible? 

How many of you still have that dream? How many of you still cling on to the little ounce of hope, that one day, you will have to opportunity to live out your dream and experience what it’s truly like to be on the big stage. Even if it’s for just one day.

Professional Golfer and 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist Sven Tumba had the same dream when he founded the World Amateur Golfers Championship. Yet, his dream was to be able to provide the same experience he had as a professional and give it to the average individual. 

“the Ultimate Olympic experience for the average person. To give the opportunity to those regardless of age, gender, or skill level, the honor of playing for one’s country and the pride of wearing it’s colors. That dream is the World Golfers Championship.”

                  Sven Tumba, WAGC Founder and 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist

What Makes The WAGC So Unique

People of All Skill Levels Can Participate

There are 5 Different Divisions that are based off of your Handicap Index Rating and you will be competing with hundreds of other people across the nation at your same level.

Amateurs Get to Experience Playing Like The Pros

4 Day Competition and 4 different Championship Courses with USGA scoring and format.

Players Get to Take Pride in Competing For Their Country

Compete and go head to head against other players in your handicap class that are from 45 other different countries.

Winners Get An All Expense Paid Trip To Malaysia

The Philippines National Team Winners will be flown all expense paid to the World Finals in Malaysia, with 5 star accommodations and matching uniforms and team bags.

​WAGC allows the average Filipino Golfer to fulfill their dreams of Representing the Philippines on an International level and Playing in a World Class Golf Competition just like the pros.

Recognized All Across The Globe

Today, the World Amateur Golfers Championship is the largest amateur golf tournament in the World and has been commemorated 22 times in numerous countries from around the globe.

The WAGC is supported by the patronage of world-class golfers worldwide. The late Arnold Palmer and the late Severiano Ballesteros were Tournament Patrons for over a decade.

Since the sad passing of Arnold “The King” Palmer in 2016, Jesper Parnevik has taken over as Tournament Patron. Also, Annika Sorenstam, who is one of the greatest female golfers of all time is the current Honorary Chairman for WAGC.

The WAGC is also a partner of the PGA Tour.

Finding The NEXT Philippine Champions


13/3/2018Ayala Greenfield Members Club Tournament QualifierAyala Greenfield Golf & CCInvitational
23/10/2018South Forbes Members Tournament QualifierSouth Forbes Golf ClubInvitational
33/17/201810th Phoenix Open - Rancho Palos Verde (Davao)Rancho Palos Verdes Golf & CCInvitational
43/24/2018Summit Point Members Guest TournamentSummit Point Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
54/14/2018CISION Cup 2018South Forbes Golf Club Open Qualifier
64/20/20184th Mayor Erap CupWack Wack Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
74/21/2018Olympic Golf TournamentAlabang Golf & CCMember Exclusive
84/24/2018Veterans Gold Tee TournamentVeterans Golf ClubOpen Qualifier
95/4/2018Labeled Green TournamentTagaytay HighlandsOpen Qualifier
105/12/2018JCI Manila Ryder CupMt. Malarayat GolfInvitational
115/28/20182018 Philippine Sports Commission Golf CupWack Wack Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
126/2/2018SLU Boys High Golf TournamentBaguio Country ClubOpen Qualifier
136/9/2018Eagle Ridge Club ChampionshipEagle Ridge Golf & CCMember Exclusive
146/16/2018Villamor Golf Members QualifierVillamor Golf ClubInvitational
156/22/2018Phoenix CebuCebu Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
167/10/2018Partee at the Greens TournamentWack Wack Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
177/14/2018Summit Point MemberSummit Point Golf & CCGuest Qualifier
188/03/2018JCI Manila MastersForest Hills Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
198/18/2018Anvaya Members Club TournamentAnvaya Golf ClubMember Exclusive
208/26/2018Sherwood Golf Members Club QualifierSherwood Hills Golf ClubOpen Qualifier
218/30/20187th Grade Tradition Golf InvitationalWack Wack Golf & CCOpen Qualifier
229/01/2018The Riviera Golf Members Club QualifierThe Riviera Golf ClubOpen Qualifier
Sep 13-142018 WAGC Philippines National FinalsSummit Point Golf & CCINVITATIONAL
Oct 20-282018 World Amateur Golfers Championship World FinalsJohor, MalaysiaINVITATIONAL

The 2018 WAGC Philippines National Finals

​September ​13-14, 2018 @ ​Summit Point Golf ​& Country Club

Join us at our ​second WAGC Philippines National Finals.​

​Registration starts at 6AM

​Tee time: 8AM

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